Heritage House Bed and Breakfast
Voted the No. 2 Bed & Breakfast in North America
Best to Recommend to Others
402 6th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Innkeepers: Jerry & Deb Middelstadt
Photo Gallery & Guest Comments
Breakfast"Look in Webster's for the definition of "pampered" and you will find a picture of your B&B along with a picture of both of you with a breakfast in your hand that is truly exquisite!!!"

-Kelie & Tom L.
Madison, WI
Sitting Room"A business trip hasn't been so pleasurable. You turned a hard 3 days work into a mini vacation. Where will I ever get such a breakfast again?!"

Little Rock, AR
Staircase"This home is a wonderful retreat from the frantic pace of the real world."

-Lisa & Joe
Minneapolis, MN